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    Welcome to Friends and Beer Pub

    Fiends & Beer Pub is loved in Odessa and Kiev for its unique combination of brutality and progressiveness.
    We decided to move away from the classic way of serving dishes, making our institution more democratic and youthful. Music in the pub is turned up louder nowadays and there are no hits - just good rock, indie, rock'n'roll, and do not be surprised if you hear country music.
    We are categorically against the "sweet" cocktails; we have packaged tea, fresh filter coffee and no smoothies and bubbles.

    The idea of the pub is to promote beer and explain to people that it is better to drink freshly brewed beer than 3-dollar wine that is being sold in an ordinary restaurant at the price of 300 UAH (hryvnia).

    Friends & Beer Pub works in cooperation with Troubadour Craft Brewery that is already familiar to many connoisseurs of real “live” beer. There are 8 kinds of craft beer in our menu: Hero IPA, Belgian Chocolate Ale, Acacia Wheat Ale, Troubadour Pilsner, Michigan Ale, Blackbird Porter, Chapeau Rouge Ale, Doodle IPA.

    As the Alcohol Content during the production process of the Troubadour Brewery is still not finally standardized, do not be surprised to find the difference in taste and strength when re-ordering. This beer is indeed distinguished from commercial one with its fickle taste; it is brewed using beer-making technology, with a high content of hops, bright bitterness and high density. Together with craft beer here you will find 10 more types of draft beer, that are changing almost every hour, with Leffe Brune, Heineken, Hoegaarden and PRAVDA Brewery Beer among them.

    Another distinctive feature of Fiends & Beer Pub - it's variety of barbecued and grilled meat dishes as well as the slow-cooked with Josper. It was quite difficult to achieve the so-called meat ideal, because it takes about a day to cook. The main thing in this process is to choose the optimal combination of marinade and certain kind of mea; and our cooks have worked hard to achieve the highest result. As a result meat makes quite a journey before being served on your table: marinated for about 20 hours, then cooked on open fire until dark golden crust, then fried and finished under different baking regimes. It becomes incredibly soft inside, tender and it will literally melt in your mouth.

    Come and have a beer, each lot of which has its own unique taste. Try an unforgettable meat assortment cooked in a unique way. Have fun with your friends to the right music and any of your evenings will be warm!

    Every week concerts take place in Fiends & Beer Pub with these rock bands performing: M.Tyusso, Touch My Dreams, Jolly's, Calypso's Crew (Ekipazh Calypso), Dozo (Pasha Zaharchuk), GINGER, MARY'S Friends, Rock Mama. The entrance to the performances is always free.

    We invite you to a live broadcast of all world football events and give discounts on a craft beer for football fans

    Find Us on Social Media. Fiends & Beer Pub actively runs contest & raffles for its subscribers on Facebook. 


    Friends and Beer Pub
    Craft beer, meat and rock